Rant about peoples opinion on adoption :Nothing annoys me more…

Than when people tell me not to adopt children. Like they push the whole “you will want your own kids, trust me.” Uhm no, fuck you. FYI I would never ever love a kid I adopted less then I would love my “own”. I don’t even like that term “own”, if I am adopting a child, I am putting my heart and soul into that kid no matter what, they will be my “own”. Then I love getting the “well you don’t know how the kid will turn out”. dumbasses. You don’t know how your birth kid will turn out, its called good parenting and bad parenting. Would I worry about disease’s I don’t know about? sure, but really any kid can get most diseases so there goes that theory.

I am sorry, I would just feel selfish to have my own kid if I had enough money to adopt a child. I am not saying your all selfish, but that’s just how I would feel. Fuck here is a shock I would adopt a 14 year old. If I could save a kid from a broken home in america, disease in Africa and child labor in china, I have to reason to have my “own” child. These kids NEED homes, it is so unbelievably unfair what they have to go through without parents, jumping from foster homes and never having a stable force in their life to look up to. 

All in all, you wont see me in 20 years without at least 2 kids that I adopted. I really wish people would stop trying to convince me not to every time I say I want to adopt. Heck,I hope I have enough money to provide for 7 kids

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  • Posted: 26 July 2011